Saturday, 23 June 2007

Khomeinist grouplet represents quarter of world's population

It is now apparent that his abuse of a quarter of the world’s population and the subsequent deaths of scores of protestors is not only being supported but indeed honoured. This is a testimony of the current legitimization of abuse and attack against the Muslim community.
The UK's highly unrepresentative neo-Khomeinist, neo-clerical-fascist Islamic 'Human' Rights Commission equates Salman Rushdie's novel with an attack on a quarter of the world's population. The 'scores of deaths' include the killing of 40 people at the Madimak hotel in Sivas, Turkey, by a gang of Islamists baying for the blood of Alevi "infidels" as well as that of Satanic Verses translator Aziz Nesin. Rushdie's fault, of course.

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