Tuesday, 6 November 2007

That's alright then...

There have been no killings of apostates in Edinburgh to date. Clearly, if this was something they were promoting, they're not very good at it

Muslim Association of Britain spokesperson Osama Saeed's amusing comment on report that Saudi pamphlet advocating the killing of apostates was found in Edinburgh mosque. Funnily enough, MAB's own Inspire publication once asserted, in an article on “Islam and Human Rights” that apostasy from Islam is either “a religious offence punishable by death” or “an act of mutiny or treason, that is punishable” as such.

oil money encourages killing of ex-Muslims

The scholars have mentioned that a person may become apostate for many reasons which can nullify his faith. These reasons would make someone's blood permissible to spill [to be killed for apostasy] and his wealth permissible to be usurped, because he is no longer a Muslim.
"Correct Beliefs and What Opposes Them" - a pamphlet published by the Saudi Ministry for Islamic Affairs and donated in large numbers to British mosques by King Fahd for free distribution.

Killing apostates is a legitimate "anti-Western" view - Bunglawala

...we live in an open, democratic society where it is not illegal to sell books which contain anti-Western views

Inayat Bunglawala, Muslim Council of Britain, referring to Saudi literature such as Correct Beliefs and What Opposes Them" - a volume sold at various British mosques, which calls for apostates to be killed.